Booster Survival Kit

People tell me even after the worst, multi-hour baby deliveries, they forget that part easily and completely. I don’t know how apt an analogy is because a) I’ve never given birth (my son is adopted) and b) I can’t imagine “no Covid and less likely to affect others” is as magical as “new life.”

BUT still…

I am here to say, I got the booster, had horrible side effects, and would do it again in a second. As soon as it ended I was already over the whole thing + it felt like nothing.

Also: I whine a lot, I have a low pain threshold, and I am a dramatic Leo. so take it with a grain of salt.

I wanted to tell friends what I WISH I would have known, planned for, and pulled together.

First up … the basics

I did Moderna

I had no reaction except a sore arm the first time, and a terrible reaction the second time (which I completely forgot about! See!?)

I got my shot at noon on a Saturday and felt 100% again at noon on Monday

Planning pointers

  • If you’re anything like me, you’ll be fine the night of.
  • I was good all day Saturday and had a great dinner out with my parents Saturday night
  • It all fell apart around 11 Saturday night.
  • I lost all of Sunday and the first half of Monday, so plan to be out of commission for 2 days
  • If you are a migraineur, have your most powerful prescription ready. So I have a steroid I take for the worst ones only and I have to call for a prescription. I was lucky I had one 3 day dose. I think it’s likely this activates migraines (it did for me). Check interaction with your migraine meds in advance.
  • Check your Motrin/Tylenol. Make sure you have plenty and it’s not expired.
  • Line up some good podcasts. You might be bored or sleepless but not able to look at screens. It can be a great diversion just to listen.
  • Don’t plan a mammogram right after a booster — swollen nodes can be a side effect.

Buy in advance

  • Farmaesthetics Lavender Rub: I massaged it on anything achy: wrists, check, neck, knees.
  • Ice Roller: I love for this with my migraines and it gave me a lot of relief.
  • Ice Hat: Good to sleep in … also acts as eye shades.
  • Soup: I like these Rao’s soups. You will want soup and have no strength beyond stumbling to a microwave. I am not proud to say I ate some ramen that expired in 2017 because we were out of Raos.
  • Popsicles: I was REALLY craving popsicles. These have electrolytes.
  • Also water and metal straw, Gatorade or similar if you do that, herbal tea.
  • Bread for toast. I went through a phase of being hungry but only could eat toast.

Night-of prep

  • Go to bed in layers; you’ll be hot and cold on + off.
  • Nothing synthetic, keep it breathable.
  • Wear a sleep bra because chances are you’ll wear this “outfit” the whole next day.
  • Put some things you’ll need next to you in a basket (water bottle, earbuds, blankets, layer(s), lavender rub, eye shades, Tylenol/Motrin)
  • Let people know as needed you’ll be out of commission for a couple days

Oh, AND: Write on a card: “It’s almost over!” Because in the throes of it, I tend to think it’s going to last forever. But it’s not.

Look, so often I feel really powerless when I see huge issues affecting our country and the world. Here’s a time when none of us is powerless, and it’s really clear (and honestly, really easy, all things considered) what to do to protect not only ourselves but others. Even this whiner got through it!




I work at and I am going to write about style (and tips! from a grown-ass woman!) here.

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Hey Mrs. Solomon

Hey Mrs. Solomon

I work at and I am going to write about style (and tips! from a grown-ass woman!) here.

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